The Song That Got Away: Ashlee Simpson – ‘Boys’

Sometimes, artists should have released a song instead of another as a single. Sometimes, an era is cut short for whatever reason and songs that scream for a release date are never granted one. We may be a liiiitle bit biased, but – for us – the absolute definition of “The Song That Got Away” is Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Boys’ off her third record, ‘Bittersweet World’.



Boys’. What happened? This song was maaaade to smash. Ashlee has always borderlined dance-pop queen territory. Sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’a miss; but on this island infused, synth-driven banger she knocks it out of the park. Produced by Chad Hugo, ‘Boys’ literally is the 2.0 version of ‘Lovefool’ by The Cardigans and it could have been the perfect late spring/summer hit that could have re-established Ashlee as a pop artist.

Ashlee got a little flirty on a few tracks on ‘I Am Me’; but with ‘Boys’, Ashlee is playing up her sex appeal like never before – singing in a playful, confident manner that highlights the light, raspy tone of her voice and her quirky songwriting ability (Ash, what exactly do boys give you?).

Some say I make the guys, hypnotized/When I bat my eyes and walk by/They say I’m such a tease/But thats just me/Take it or leave it baby.

To our knowledge, ‘Boys’ was always meant to be a single. After all, Ashlee not only performed it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but she was the featured performer back in 2008 on Dancing With The Stars where she delivered a cute, yet solid rendition of the song.



Things happen and some things don’t pan out like how you imagined they would, but ‘Boys’ always has been and always will be a hit to us. Who’s with us on making it the anthem of this coming summer? Show of hands?

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