Performance: Drake ft. Majid Jordan on Ellen

Yesterday, Drake was joined by Majid Jordan to promote his upcoming tour and album ‘Nothing Was The Same’ with a performance of their hit single ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’, on Ellen.

I don’t hide my love for Drake, the man can do no wrong in my eyes. Case in point, this performance. Drake has always meshed singing and rapping together since his debut, and yes he primarily is a rapper, but homeboy can sing just as well as he can rap. I admit, things were shakey in the beginning, but after he got comfortable it started to become a little more stable. Did anyone else know Majid was white? Me either. He did a pretty great job too – especially those high notes! Damn! ‘Nothing Was The Same’ drops Tuesday – make sure you come back to check on my review of it early next week!

What did you guys think of Drake & Majid on Ellen?

Pre-order ‘Nothing Was The Same’ on iTunes here!

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