New Track: CeCe Frey – ‘Wake Me Up’

Unpopular opinion, I loved CeCe Frey when she was on The X Factor. She was the only one who HAD any amount of X-Factor. Unfortunately, she got axed right before the finals and has stayed pretty quiet ever since the end of the show. That is, until today. CeCe is back at her game and released a cover of Avicii’s hit single, ‘Wake Me Up’.

Very good. Very solid. The whistle note? What kinda Mariah Carey vibe is CeCe going for? Lately, CeCe’s been trying me with her lack of activity. Other contestants have released their albums and singles and one of the most hyped about and controversial acts of the season hasn’t yet? Well, with this video, it’s clear that CeCe has been working on her craft and strengthening her vocals and now she’s ready to make a return and release her debut album. I’m still here and ready for it – CeCe has the potential. Let’s hope the hype is still there for her to make the impact she rightfully deserves.

What do you think of Cece’s cover of ‘Wake Me Up’?

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