Performances: Drake on Saturday Night Live

Canadian rapper (and hottie!), Drake, pulled double duty last night on Saturday Night Live. The real surprise of the evening was Drake not performing two, but FOUR songs when he switched to his musical guest roles.

Drake kicked things off with ‘Started From The Bottom’ and mashed it up with ‘Trophies’ – the much hyped about cut left off of ‘Nothing Was The Same’. When it came time for him to rap, Drake let all be about his art and his craft. With nothing but a red spotlight, Drake took a dark stage and turned it into his – proving why he’s one of the bests in rap.

For the second performance, Drake started things off with a stripped down version of his hit single, ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’. It quickly turned into ‘From Time’ was Jhene Aiko joined him. Both drenched in a blue spotlight, each traded verses and showed genuine chemistry. Drake had the time of his LIFE up there with Jhene and clearly could not have been prouder of his girl.

What did you think of Drake on SNL?

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