New Track: Kanye West – ‘God Level’

Between the media whirlwind of his wedding and working on a new album, reportedly titled ‘Made In Florence’, Kanye West has had time to lend a new song for an Adidas World Cup campaign.

Not unlike the themes we heard on ‘Yeezus’, ‘God Level’ could almost be seen as an extension of ‘I Am A God’ and ‘Black Skinhead’. It’s got hard hitting tribal drums and the chant ‘God Level’ is a bit too similar to ‘I Am A God’. I enjoyed ‘Yeezus’ quite a bit and I’m foaming at the mouth for ‘Made In Florence’. ‘God Level’ is about in the same lane as the songs that appeared on ‘Yeezus’, but with less emphasis on electronic production and a lot lighter….well as light as Kanye can get.

Listen to ‘God Level’ here!

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