Performance: Cobra Starship on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Cobra Starship is back and ready to hit the road again! But, before you walk, you’ve got to learn how to crawl. The group is taking baby steps to getting back on the road with their first stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live! performing their new single (and with new band members), ‘Never Been In Love’!

A solid return to form! They’ve got a new guitarist and bassist, and we’re sadly missing Alex and Ryland, but the dynamic is still there.

Gabe has faced his fair share of vocal battles, including surgery a few years ago. It seems his time off helped his voice heal even more because he’s sounding better than ever. The girls from Icona Pop really hold their own against Gabe….after all, he’s such a big personality and, well, a pretty big dude! The harmonies were spot on, and Gabe we see you ad-libbing at the end. Work it, honey!

The band seems happy to be back, especially Gabe. We knew Gabe way back when and he’s almost a new person now, reborn in a way, all thanks to love! Keep it going, man, it looks good on you!

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