CHVRCHES Covers Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ On BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge

This is starting to become a weekly thrill for us. This morning, or today if you’re across the pond, CHVRCHES appeared on BBC Radio 1 to give a rousing performance in the Live Lounge. What song did they choose to put their own unique spin on? None other than our favorite Justin Timberlake song, ‘Cry Me A River’.

Giving the song an updated feel with some industrial synths, CHVRCHES stay very true to the original version with just a dash of electronic substance to it. Loving it!

Come on, how good is ‘Cry Me A River’? Isn’t it NOT the most quintessential JT song?

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  1. Think they did a wonderful cover of this song and JT gave his seal of approval as well. Just making us look forward to their next album even more. Great job Chvrches!

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