New Single/Video Premiere: Paris Hilton ft. Birdman – ‘High Off My Love’

The unthinkable has happened. This day has finally come. Paris Hilton has released her brand new single, ‘High Off My Love’ ft. Birdman and we are definitely on one right now.

Alright, so this is the third single off of Paris’s sophomore album and with each single we get a different sound. She went straight EDM on ‘Good Time’, dance-pop on ‘Come Alive’, and now we’re flirting with some trap aesthetics on ‘High Off My Love’. There’s no doubt about it that the hook of this song its strongest feature. Beyond that, the melodies in the chorus and pre-chorus are pretty catchy. You could say we’re hooked on them.

Is it our favorite Paris single yet? No, but it’s definitely a slightly new (urban) sound for P and, dare we say, her strongest single yet from her new album!

As for the music video, Paris promised an updated version of Madonna’s ‘Justify My Love’ and boy did she deliver…and then some. Paris is the queen dominatrix of an underground sex club, making her way to the center of the club throughout the entire video. In between all of that, we’ve got Paris with a gang of look-a-likes, a slick motorcycle scene, nearly a dozen different sexy black outfits, and Paris vamping it up to the camera. Her only intention was to give us a show, and goddamn, she did!

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