Charli XCX Debuts New Song, ‘Vroom Vroom’, on Beats1 Radio

Sucker’ may have come out less than a year ago, but Charli XCX has been working on her next record for quite a while now – one that she says will be doused in electronic influences. Lucky for us, it seems like that album is almost finished! Today, Charli filled in for Julie Adenuga on Beats1 Radio and premiered the first song off of her forthcoming LP, the SOPHIE produced ‘Vroom Vroom’.

Recorded back in Sweden in January, ‘Vroom Vroom’ tosses out everything you’ve come to know from Charli. Instead of a melancholy synth pop beat or a “fuck you” punk anthem, Charli is on top of a murky, trap beat that places her right in the driver’s seat of her new sound.

Just like how ‘Sucker’ was a complete change from ‘True Romance’,’Vroom Vroom’ introduces a brand new Charli XCX. It may be jarring for some, but we’re completely over the moon when it comes to this track. It’s fresh, funky, fun, and everything that pop music is supposed to be.

Some fail to get pop right, but Charli remains one of the best that consistently knocks it out of the park with each release. Here’s to more new music from her sooner rather than later.

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