New Track: DJ Earworm – ‘United State of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop)’

The time has come for DJ Earworm to drop his annual year end mashup. For the past few years, Earworm has come up short when it comes to his mixes, failing to live up to some of his earlier ones that had everyone going nuts. So what’s new for 2015? This year, he focuses on one word to get your blood pumping during the ‘United State of Pop’: Sex.

Things start off real hot and heavy. We dig the way he blends ‘Hello’ into ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Want To Want Me’ into ‘Sorry’ into ‘Sugar’ to connect back to the theme.

Unfortunately around the middle mark, things get a little derailed and the theme gets a little lost.

Overall, ‘50 Shades Of Pop’ is a bit better than previous years, but it still doesn’t match what made his 2009 mix so great.


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