New Single: Kygo ft. Maty Noyes – ‘Stay’

Kygo has had one hell of a year thanks to his breakout hits, ‘Stole The Show’ and ‘Here For You’. From the sound of it, it seems like success will only follow the DJ into 2016 thanks to his new single, ‘Stay’ ft. Maty Noyes.

Obviously, Kygo sticks to what’s made him a worldwide phenomenon on this new song – tropical house. But honestly, it’s Maty Noyes (who you may recognize from The Weeeknd’s latest album on a track called ‘Angel’) who really shines on this heartbreaking dance song and makes it a hit.

In fact, Noyes’ presence alone may make this Kygo’s best single yet. There’s just something about the emotion and tone in her voice that proves to be the perfect contrast against Kygo’s euphoric production.

Are we feeling the hell out of ‘Stay’ or are we feeling the hell out of stay?

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