New Single: Miike Snow – ‘Genghis Khan’

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four long years without music from Miike Snow, but the indie-pop band is back this week with their brand new single, ‘Genghis Khan’, and the promise of a new album at the top of 2016.

Genghis Khan’ is the second official single off of the band’s forthcoming album, ‘iii’, due out March 4th. The jealous lover anthem doesn’t stray too far away from the typical sound we get from this trio (although, it seems like MS is catchier than ever on this track), but it really just continues to blow our mind that 2/3 of Miike Snow is responsible for some of pop’s biggest hits. Like, ever.

It just goes to show you true artistry knows no limits or boundaries. Count us totally stoked for ‘iii’ later on this winter.

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