Is Ariana Grande About To Release An Urban Inspired Christmas Song?

Ariana Grande is no stranger to releasing Christmas music. How could you forget her Christmas EP, ‘Christmas Kisses’, and last year’s semi-classic ‘Santa Tell Me’? Judging by the new music she’s been snapping away on SnapChat, it sounds like she’s about to come swinging this year with a brand new urban inspired Christmas carol just in time for the holidays.

We know what you’re thinking – “this could totally be for ‘Moonlight’! It could be. The PBR&B production really would bring Ariana and her sound to the level it should be, but would ‘Moonlight’ really feature subtle, wintry bells? We don’t think so.

Also, let’s pay attention to the lyrics. ‘I’m just tryin’ to keep my baby warm during the winter time’ couldn’t really work on your normal, every day pop song. Listen closely to the last part of these clips – they seem to match the Christmas lyrics that Ariana has tweeted over the past few days.

We can’t confirm anything, but where there’s smoke there’s fire…

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