New Track: Anonxmous ft. Nicki Minaj- ‘Anaconda 2.0’

Y’all may not be familiar with Anonxmous, but you’re aware of his work. He’s had a hand in a dozens of songs like ‘Anaconda’ and ‘See You Again’ and his talents extend to FOX’s hit show Empire. Early next year, Anonxmous is gearing up to release his debut album, ‘Hallucinagens’, and the first song we get to hear from the record just so happens to be the original version of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’.

It’s suffice to say that there are a lot of elements in ‘Anaconda 2.0′ that make it an entirely different song than the version that was release.

For one, there’s an entirely new verse from Minaj at the end that brags about her worth and status – something that was missing from the original. Oddly enough, there’s no sample of ‘Anaconda’ at all in the “original version”. The production still pays nod to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s iconic rap anthem, yet is still slightly different, but the chorus we’ve all come to know and love is replaced by another sample. In fact, it samples one of Nicki’s raps from Ciara’s last album.

So which one takes the crown: ‘Anaconda’ or ‘Anaconda 2.o’?

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