Demi Lovato Performs Songs From ‘Confident’ At Z100’s Jingle Ball

Another pseudo-pop princess was at Z100’s Jingle Ball last night, looking to bring some festive good cheer and all that stuff to New York. Demi Lovato was highlighted as a major act during the night and took the stage to perform a handful of songs from her latest album, ‘Confident’.

Opening up with a slightly harder rendition of her smash hit ‘Heart Attack’, Demi managed to get swallowed by the sound during the first few minutes of her set. Not a smart move, but she managed to pick things back up and find herself in time to perform her current single, ‘Confident’.

From then on, Demi managed to totally over sing ‘For You which makes us resent the song even more than we already do. Thankfully, she recovered with a fantastic performance of one of best songs ‘Stone Cold’ and wrapped up her set with ‘Cool For The Summer’.

You know what you’re going to get when you see a Demi performance. A bad-ass strut or two, a speech about acceptance, and some (slightly ear splitting) belts. All in all, it was a consistent set that plucked the right songs from her discography. Some things should have been different, yes – but hey not half bad, right?

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