New Track: Sia – ‘Cheap Thrills’

The ‘Acting’ continues! We’re still a ways away from Sia’s forthcoming album, ‘This Is Acting’, but the promo singles keep coming! Today, we’re greeted with the Rihanna reject, ‘Cheap Thrills’. Was Ri right in giving this song the boot?

Actually, no. Well, maybe she was given we don’t know the direction of ‘ANTI’, but this sounds tailor made for Ri!

We’re so elated with this tropical house infused track because Sia is FINALLY donning a new persona for once. No more weary, dreary ballads from her…well at least for right now. Instead, it’s straight to the dance floor for Sia to forget about all her troubles.

Did Sia finally get this era right with ‘Cheap Thrills’?

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