Video Premiere: Chris Brown – ‘Picture Me Rollin’

Could this be the final chapter in Chris Brown’s ‘Royalty’ mini movie series? It looks like it after watching his latest visual for the album track, ‘Picture Me Rollin’!

We pick up where ‘Anyway’ left off. In an iconic (and slightly eerie) turn of events, Chris and his lady find themselves arguing in a parked car outside the club. Thankfully, history does not repeat itself and his woman breaks up with Brown and flees.

Like clockwork, Chris gets a call from none other than Scott Disick begging him to drop by A$AP Rocky’s party. Chris reluctantly follows through and the turn up begins! That is…until the men who have been after Chris this entire time stop by.

This series can only end one way: does Chris Brown come out on top or do his formidable foes end up victorious? Watch the clip below to find out…

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