Video Premiere: Chris Brown – ‘Little More (Royalty)’

Turns out Chris Brown has one more video in his vault in order to complete his ‘Royalty’ video series. It would only make sense that the album’s closing track (and dedication to his daughter) would be the one to round everything out.

The clip starts as a dream sequence that involves all the odysseys and situations he found himself in during all the other music videos that lead up until now. During the flashback, we find out that Chris’s ex-girl became pregnant after their passionate night in the Back To Sleep’ video.  Chris snaps out of his dream to find Royalty at the foot of his bed and the rest is history.

It’s really sweet to see Chris like this. We don’t have to detail the reputation he’s earned himself over the several years – Chris is pretty much damaged goods. But, to see him interact with his daughter make him more human than ever before. It’s not a bad look, Chris…

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