Video Premiere: Selena Gomez – ‘Hands To Myself’

Good lawd. Fresh off of the multiple steamy bedroom teasers that Selena Gomez has been sharing, the ‘Revival’ songstress has turned the heat up a bit more with full length music video of her soon to be worldwide smash, ‘Hands To Myself”.

Oh, Selena! Honey – you have a little bit of an obsession on your hands.

The ‘Hands To Myself’ music video kicks off with Selena handcuffed in a jail cell and flashback to her plans on breaking into one of the hottest leading men in Hollywood’s bachelor pad. Letting her thirst overcome her, she breaks in and parade around his apartment in nothing but a bra and panties. You know, you saw the teasers.

From there, Selena feels herself in between his sheets, fantasizes about a mini-tryst, tries his clothes on for size, and even draws herself a bath. Some Single White Female shit.

Things change once our male actor comes home and finds Selena. The cops are called and whisk Selena to jail. Not everything is what it seems, though. Check out the full video below and find out the last minute twist!

In all honesty, it’s a step in the right direction for Selena as she transitions into a bigger pop star by the day. The product placement is so beyond at sometimes; but when she’s looking this hot, is it really something you’re paying attention to?

Best video of the ‘Revival’ era thus far! How will she top this one?

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