New Tracks: Becky G – ‘Good At It’, ‘Studder’, & ‘The Lights;

A Christmas miracle! Becky G is still pushing out new music without any inclination of a debut album!

Okay, we’re kidding (sort of). Despite the fact that she’s still under Dr. Luke’s control and still at work on her debut album, Becky G found the time to treat her fans to two songs this holiday season – one brand new and one being a cover of one of our favorite jams from the 2000s.

Unforunately, neither does any favors for Becky. We absolutely adore ‘Studder’, but is it a smart idea to cover a sound that’s pretty dated? No. ‘Good At It’ does show some promise. She’s able to tap into an urban-pop sound that seems authentic. The problem is it’s been done before by other artists and done better.

Perhaps it’s smart that Luke hasn’t had her release an album yet. Clearly, there’s a struggle with finding a sound. Hopefully 2016 will be the year Becky finally finds one.


Becky G released another song late last night called ‘The Lights’. Becky has this to say about her new song:

“THE LIGHTS” is a true example of when I say “Music is how I express myself”.

I wrote this song because I had bottled up things I was feeling and didn’t know what else to do other than put it into my work in the studio that day. Writing this helped me a lot. It’s not a hype song but it’s a song that means a lot to me.

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