Popology Now’s Top 50 Singles of 2015

Oh, 2015. Where did you go?

It’s been a weird year when you look at what happened in the world of pop. Its sound has been shifting for a while and it’s continuing to shift. Many broke through, many who were supposed to break through actually failed to do so (for whatever reason that may be), many pop girls took extensive breaks, alt-pop became more of a staple, and the males started to rise up!

To be quite honest, there weren’t too many songs that came out this year where we went “that is our shit!” We were attached to some for a season or two – but on the whole, only a few gems caught our eyes and really represented 2015 for us.

So without further ado, here is our complete list of Top 50 Singles of 2015.

50. Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azalea – ‘Pretty Girls’

All subpar as it may be, it’s far better than anything on ‘Britney Jean’ and we were blessed to have Britney on some sort of urban-pop sound this year.

49. Kelly Clarkson – ‘Invincible’

Quintessential Kelly never gets it wrong. No matter how bad it flops.

48. Ciara – ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’

Jackie’ was literally a disaster, but this breezy Dr. Luke produced R&B cut could quite possible be CiCi’s best single in ages.

47. Shamir – Call It Off’

Feeling like diving into a pool of ‘basic, ratchet guys’? If you can’t control how bad your taste in men is, give this one a spin to smack some sense into you.

46. Charli XCX – ‘Doing It’

Let’s be clear. We’re talking about the Rita-less version. We blame her presence for this gem’s under performance.

45. Foxes – ‘Body Talk’

La, la, laaa/LAA, la la la, laaa’ can’t get this one out of our head even six months after it dropped.

44. Zara Larsson – ‘Lush Life’

Thankful that this song has made singing ‘you and me, all night, all suhhhmuurrr’ appropriate year round.

43. Big Sean ft. Drake – ‘Blessings’


42. Kendrick Lamar – ‘King Kunta’

Because nothing makes us turn up quite like this Kendrick cut.

41. Fleur East – ‘Sax’

Sax’? More like SASS.

40. DNCE – ‘Cake By The Ocean’

Fucking delicious’, indeed Joe.

39. Lana Del Rey – ‘High By The Beach’

Small request Lana: infused more trap into your melancholy sound.

38. Giorgio Moroder ft. Sia – ‘Deja Vu’

The only reason why Sia should go disco more often.

37. Jason Derulo – Cheyenne’

A classic case of how a solid song goes unnoticed thanks to how much of a monster the previous single was.

36. Madonna – ‘Ghosttown’

Madonna may be try-hard and latches onto trends she should skip, but every so often she nails it. This happens to be one of those times.

35. Hailee Steinfeld – ‘Love Myself’

This year proved there’s nothing wrong with launching your music career with a single about loving your lady parts.

34. Kygo ft. Parson James – ‘Stole The Show’

Because we get the chills every time Parson sings ‘Dahling, dahling…’

33. David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Afrojack, and Bebe Rexha – ‘Hey Mama’

We can all agree Bebe made this song what it was, right?

32. Shawn Mendes ft. Camila Cabello – ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

This one is just getting its start now, but there’s no deny how big it’ll be or how big Camila will be once she ditches the other four.

31. Pia Mia ft. Chris Brown and Tyga – ‘Do It Again’

Think what you want, but Pia proved she has what it takes to stand up against all the princesses of pop with this urban-pop bop.

30. Phoebe Ryan – ‘Mine’

So delicate. So fragile. So simple. So fucking great.

29. Zara Larsson ft. MNEK – ‘Never Forget You’

When two of the biggest up and comers in pop came together, magic happened.

28. Paris Hilton – ‘High Off My Love’

Yes, Paris. We do.

27. Shawn Mendes – ‘Stitches’

This song deserves all it got. And you know it.

26. Years & Years – ‘Shine’

Biting our tongues and trying to hide the fact that this song stole our heart earlier this year.

25. Adam Lambert – ‘Ghost Town’

The reinvention of Adam Lambert proved to be a moody, introspective one that began with a strum of a guitar and some pulsating deep house.

24. Disclosure ft. Lorde – ‘Magnets’

We missed our girl and this brief (and flawless) re-emergence makes the wait for her sophomore album much more painful.

23. Calvin Harris ft. Disciples – ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’

Fact: The second best dance song released in 2015.

22. Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky – ‘Good For You’

The way Selena turns Midas into ‘MeYe-dussss’

21. Tori Kelly – ‘Should’ve Been Us’

Tori Kelly may be basic as all hell, but good god did she prove she has what it takes to actually become something with this song.

20. The Weeknd – ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

If Michael Jackson made a song in 2015, this would be it.

19. Ariana Grande – ‘One Last Time’

Hard to believe this was a single this year, right? We thought the same.

18. Taylor Swift – ‘Style’

This song will never go out of style.

17.  Skrillex and Diplo ft. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now

You couldn’t escape it even if you tried. Why would you even want to though?

16. Little Mix  – ‘Black Magic’

The way they close the song with ‘mah-gih-ick’ remains our favorite moment in pop this year.

15. Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Run Away With Me’

CRJ may have been overrated this past year, but this song? We think not.

14. Rihanna – ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’

Fun fact: We always yell ‘TURN UP TO RIHANNA WHILE THE WHOLE CLUB FUCKIN’ WASTED’ every single time this comes on in a bar/club/etc.

13. Fifth Harmony – ‘Worth It’

Solid, but #JusticeForSledgehammer.

12. Tinashe ft. Chris Brown – ‘Player’

Everyone reading this – please make this big in the first half of 2016. Please. You don’t know what you’re missing with this one.

11. Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ – ‘Lean On’

The biggest dance song of 2015. It makes you forget how disastrous MØ’s Iggy collab turned out to be.

10. Elle King – ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’

This one came out of nowhere and punched us right in the face with tje hook. We loved every second of it.

9. Tove Lo – ‘Talking Body’

Proving that she wasn’t just a fluke, but one of the brightest newcomers in pop.

8. Hilary Duff – ‘Sparks’

Hilary Duff’s comeback might as well not have happened at all, but doesn’t ‘Sparks’ make you glad it did?

7. The Weeknd – ‘The Hills’

I just fucked two bitches ‘fore I saw you’ is as romantic as it gets from Abel.

6. Taylor Swift – ‘Wildest Dreams’

Cried the first time we heard this. Cries to this day when we hear this.

5. Demi Lovato – ‘Cool For The Summer’

Sh…don’t tell your mother.’

4. Ellie Goulding – ‘Love Me Like You Do’

Oh, the way Ellie sings the second half of the second verse took our breath away from the very first time we heard this.

3. Drake – ‘Hotline Bling’


2. Justin Bieber – ‘Sorry’

The true return of Justin Bieber. It doesn’t get any better than this if you’re looking for true pop music, folks.

1. Years & Years – ‘King’

It’s only appropriate to end the year with the first song we heard and knew would become a smash hit (everywhere but the U.S. for whatever reason).

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3 Responses

  1. Cara Doute says:

    Really? No dumblonde??? Not even one song??

  2. Richard Baxter says:

    Technically, there wasn’t a single from the album. So they fell short on this list. We know, it pains us as well. Stay tuned for our top albums list and top music videos list though…

  3. farix says:

    Ghost Town Adam Lambert #1

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