Timbaland Releases A New Aaliyah Song Called ‘Shakin’

This is truly the work of a Christmas miracle. Earlier today, Timbaland dropped a new mixtape titled ‘King Stays King’ featuring none other than the late R&B singer Aaliyah.

New Aaliyah music has been promised for what seems like forever now. She sprung up on Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Think They Know’ a few years ago and a now-scrapped posthumous album was reportedly in the works with the help of Drake and 40.

To be honest, we’re happy nothing has really ever happened to Aaliyah’s unreleased catalogue since her untimely death. No one can really do her justice quite like Tim and this new song, ‘Shakin’ is a testament to that fact. It’s so timeless, so Aaliyah, so Timbaland – it captures such a time in pop music. It’s such a pleasure to hear this type of music coming from these kinds of artists again.

Her, Missy and Timbaland were a force to be reckoned with back in the 90’s and the very early 2000’s. Please Tim – get us more of this ASAP.

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