Chris Brown Drops ‘Royalty International’ EP

Guess one disc just wasn’t enough for Chris Brown. He dropped his seventh studio album, ‘Royalty’, just one week ago, but decided to treat his international fans to an extra EP with leftover tracks from his recording sessions just in time for the holidays!

The EP contains five new songs that don’t appear on the standard or deluxe edition of ‘Royalty – the already leaked EDM ‘Blood On My Hands’, the electro-pop ‘Shattered’, the funk&B ‘Lonely Dance’, electro infused tropical house ‘The 80’s’, and the poppy ‘Blue Jeans’.

Honestly, none of these tracks really add much to ‘Royalty’ except for ‘The 80’s’. His fresh take on tropical house by taking it to a more electronic place really makes his track standout from the Justin Biebers and Kygos of the pop scene. Chris was one time the pioneer of EDM-pop music. With something fresh like this, he could really be at the forefront of that genre again.

Are you feeling these tracks?

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