Kesha Performs ‘Blow’ and ‘Timber’ In Nashville With Her New Band Yeast Infection

If there’s anything you’ve come to know about Kesha, it’s that she’s full of surprises. Right before Christmas, Kesha took to Twitter to announce that she has formed a band alongside a few of her friends called Yeast Infection and that she would performing an intimate gig in her hometown of Nashville for anyone that could make it out to the show.

There was so much mystery and not a lot to go on except for Kesha’s name attached to the project. Is Kesha officially out from under Luke? Is she just saying “fuck it” and doing what she wants? Is this a one-off thing or something that will remain permanent? We still don’t have those answers, but the one thing we do know is that Kesha seems to be re-purposing her solo material and putting a new spin on it for this project.

There’s very little video so far, but Kesha decided to share a seven minute clip of her performing alongside her new band on Christmas night. In the clip, her and her new band mates have chosen to flip Kesha’s electro-pop heavy ‘Blow’ into a psychedelic rock number, complete with Kesha literally going insane and screaming her head off during the last thirty seconds. Elsewhere in the clip, Kesha takes on her verse from Pitbull’s ‘Timber’ and transforms it into a Vampire Weekend-esque, countrified cut.

There’s positives and negatives to this new endeavour. It’s really interesting to hear Kesha pick apart the original recordings and completely re-create these songs in a way that she sees fit. One of the most astounding things from the video is the way she’s using her voice – the placement of her singing is totally different, she has this slight yodel-y/twang when she holds out her notes. You wouldn’t believe it was her! The heartbreaking part is you can tell how much this past year has worn her down and that the “Ke$ha” we were all introduced to is now gone forever. It’s for the best though – maybe she can finally find peace and happiness. Despite all the wear and tear on her face, she hasn’t looked this happy in ages.

It’ll be interesting to see where Yeast Infection and Kesha goes in 2016. Like many of you, we can only hope for good things.

HAPPY HOLLERDAYZ from Y E A S T I N F E C T I O N!!! I love all of my ANIMALS!!! Thanks for all of the support this year!!!….Don’t worry NO ONE will ever shut me up.

Posted by Kesha on Friday, December 25, 2015

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