One Minute Clip Of Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ Demo Leaks

The past 24 hours has been an absolute shit storm for Rihanna’s new album, ‘ANTI’. If you’ve been plugged into the Internet at all, you’ll know that GlassJohn, a producer that has had a hand in creating Rihanna’s forthcoming album, has spoken out against the behind the scenes drama that seems to be affecting R8 for the worse.

Between allegations of Travis Scott coming in and messing with what ‘ANTI’ was going to be, multiple push backs of the album, and an alleged conference call with Rihanna and Jay-Z about releasing the record ASAP, it seems that things have reached a boiling point last night on Twitter and even more confusion has clouded this elusive album. That is, until tonight.

Famous amongst the Navy, ‘Kiss It Better’ has become one the more highly anticipated tracks from ‘ANTI’ after Ri teased it one year ago. According to GlassJohn, it was due to be the first release from the album before the decision was made to go with ‘FourFiveSeconds’. From there, John claimed it was due to be the follow up single and stated that Travis more or less felt threatened and wanted to create a song that was even bigger than ‘Kiss It Better’For whatever reason, John has taken to YouTube just now to leak a one minute clip of the song’s demo in a move that could be detrimental for the song making the final tracklist.

To be honest, this entire ‘ANTI’ drama is becoming exhausting. One minute it’s coming and then the next it isn’t, ANTIdiary is nothing but a confusion jumble of illuminati-esque clips, and now this unneeded drama is just adding more fuel to the fire. At this point, is this record even worth it?

Sigh. Thoughts on the latest ‘Kiss It Better’ clip? Does it reignite your excitement for the record or are you becoming even more tired by this messy charade?

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