Iggy Azalea Shares Snippets Of New Singles ‘Zillion’ and ‘Team’

Iggy Azalea is gearing up to make 2016 her bitch and erase any doubt from anyone’s mind that she can actually hold her own as a pop/rap artist.

She’s spent the better part of 2015 recording her sophomore album, ‘Digital Distortion’, a record that Iggy states “is geared more towards speaking my mind on the last year” and “about getting my frustration out”.

During a recent Q&A with her fans about ‘Digital Distortion’, Iggy shared snippets of her new buzz single, ‘Zillion’, and the album’s tentative lead single, ‘TEAM’.

Zillion’ has been rumored as an imminent release for a few months now and it seems like it may only be a few short weeks away…

As for ‘TEAM‘, Iggy is describing the song as left of anything radio is playing at the moment and shared the following about the song’s meaning:

In all honesty, both clips don’t sound half bad. They aren’t watered down pop hits, but instead embrace the electronic heavy sound that gained Iggy a lot of buzz way back when. There’s still very much a pop element with her “flow” and the melody of the song, but it really takes what ‘The New Classic’ introduced and throws it out the window.

Plus that ‘are you fuckin’ with the team?’ hook is really something – no matter how eye roll worthy the meaning behind the song may be.

Iggy’s renaissance is just around the corner and it sounds like she’s more than ready to get back in the game. The only question remains is if we’re all ready for Iggy Iggz one more time…

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