Ellie Goulding Performs ‘Something In The Way You Move’ On Alan Carr’s New Year’s Specstacular

We have a problem, y’all. Ellie Goulding’s ‘Delirium’ is failing to be the album on everyone’s lips right now because it’s underwhelming first single just won’t die. Well, it looks like Ellie Goulding is finally moving on from ‘On My Mind’ since she performed ‘Something In The Way You Move’ on Alan Carr’s New Year’s Specstacular.

We know what you’re thinking: ‘isn’t ‘Army’ Ellie’s new single’. Yes, it’s supposed to be – Ellie has confirmed it on several occasions.

There’s one big problem with that though. It’s way too similar to ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and could just prove to be another slump for the pop star. On the other hand, it could match ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and become one of Ellie’s biggest singles to date. Ballads have a tendency to perform exceptionally well in the winter.

We wouldn’t really mind if she went with ‘Something In The Way You Move’. It’s very much what people have come to expect from Ellie and it’s one of the best tracks from her incredible new album.

Whatever route she choses to take, let’s hope she figures it out shortly. We can only hear ‘On My Mind’ so many more times before we totally lose it.

What song do you think Ellie should move forward with?


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