New Tracks: Sia – ‘Red Handed’, ‘Joy I Call Life’, ‘Freeze You Out’, ‘Blinded By Love’

Uh oh! Every now and then, a pop diva springs a leak and a whole mess of new, unreleased music surfaces online. After the leak of Sia’s ‘Making The Most Of The Night’ demo, four other brand new songs followed right after; holding fans over until ‘This Is Acting’ drops at the end of the month.

Hands down, the best out of the set is ‘Blinded By Love’. For the past year or so, Sia has been promising that she’ll be donning different hats on her forthcoming album, ‘This Is Acting’. Personally, we’ve been a little let down by the music that’s been released from the album because it sounds exactly like something Sia would normally do. The glitch-heavy dance anthem ‘Blinded By Love’ is a true testament to what she promised and it’s a real shame that it was left on the cutting room floor.

As for the other three that leaked, ‘Freeze You Out’ is a typical Sia power ballad – perhaps a little bit sharper than most of the material she tends to release and the emotional ‘Joy I Call Life’ seems like a track that was rejected for another artist (Beyonce, maybe…?). ‘Red Handed’ proves to be something real interesting. Again, Sia pushes her typical sound aside and throaty vocals for an indie-pop, falsetto reliant vocal performance that’s very reminiscent of Sia’s pre-pop fame.

After taking a listen to Sia’s latest leaks, what unreleased song is your favorite?

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