DJ Poet Teams Up With Leona Lewis For Explosive New Dance Anthem, ‘Catch Me When I Fall’

Dear go…do we have monster on our hands, ladies and gents! Fresh off the release of her latest album, ‘I Am’, Leona Lewis is back with a vengeance in 2016! She’s teamed up with DJ Poet for his new single, ‘Catch Me When I Fall’ – an explosive new dance anthem that brings Leona back into her ‘Glassheart’ days and Poet at the forefront of the EDM world.

Sometimes, you first hear a song and you immediately recognize that it has full blown hit potential. ‘Catch Me When I Fall’ is clear example of one of these songs.

The trancy track starts out with some tight guitar chords and transitions into this futuristic, space-age realm, all while slowly building into something bigger. Of course, the track already sounds huge during the first minute in thanks to Lewis’ husky full vocals; but the song doesn’t reach maximum capacity until the breakdown after the second chorus. From there, the focus shifts to Poet’s production talents as he builds, drops, and wubs with everything he has in him before Leona takes it home with the song’s hook.

Decent dance songs are hard to come by these days if you aren’t a seasoned pro. Hell, the dance world hasn’t really been the same since the massive shift in pop a few years ago. We may be going out on a limb here, but if there’s anyone that can make it sound exciting again it sounds like DJ Poet could be our guy.

Are you feelin’ the fuck out of ‘Catch Me When I Fall’?



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