Iggy Azalea Debuts ‘Digital Distortion’ Buzz Track ‘Azillion’

It’s officially Igguary; the month that Iggy Azalea has officially renamed to let the world know that she’s ready to unleash her sophomore album, ‘Digital Distortion’. Iggy has been rather vocal about her forthcoming album on Twitter during the last few months of the 2015 – promising a return to a her mixtape days and an album full of music that touched on her frustrations from the past year.

Iggy warned us that she would drop two buzz tracks in January out of the blue and last night she did just that. ‘Azillion’ is up first – a clever play on the pop/rap star’s “last name” that scraps the filtered pop persona you knew from ‘The New Classic’, features a braggadocios Iggy that flaunts her worth, and ups the ante when it comes to her aggression.

Truth be told, it’s the electronic heavy production that’s the highlight of the track and not Iggy’s flow or lyrics. Grant it, she’s a bit sharper and less fluffy compared to a year ago, but some of her rhymes are still corny (“I’m getting commas and O’s like cheerios needs to get a song“..like girl, come on). With that being said, it’s a step in the right direction for her to expunge some of the negativity that’s followed her for the past year and it starts this era out on the right note.

Iggy has teased that something is coming on January 14th. Could it be ‘Middle Man’? We’ll have to wait and see…

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