New Single: Pitbull – ‘Freedom’

Poor ‘FREE.K’. We hardly knew you.

Since Pitbull’s previous single off his forthcoming album, ‘Climate Change’, didn’t even register on anyone’s radar, Pitbull quickly restrategized after the New Year and selected a new song to push his yet-to-be-released record, the pro-Cuba, YOLO anthem ‘Freedom’.

Frankly, it’s terrible. Pitbull does his usual sample – this time it’s Soup Dragons’ ‘I’m Free‘ – but it just falls so flat that we have to ask who thought this could perform better than ‘FREE.K’.

Hey, maybe we’re wrong? After all, some of Pitbull’s biggest hits we can’t stand and some of his biggest flops are some of our favorites. Oh, what does it matter? He’ll eventually find something that works and return to coasting back up the charts with a generic, trend leaning song sooner than later.

Still #JusticeForFREE.K

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