Rihanna And Drake Reunite To Shoot A Music Video For ‘Work’

We literally cannot even preface what we’re about to share with any sort of factual information. So we’ll say this; none of us know what Rihanna’s plans are when it comes to ‘ANTI’. There’s one room left in her ANTIdiaRy campaign and there’s no way to know when it will open and what it will reveal.

So while we continue to wait for ‘ANTI’ to drop, there is something solid that we can go on: Rihanna and Drake are currently shooting a music video for a song called ‘Work’.

Thanks to a leaked casting call, news surfaced late last week that the two would reunite after a small professional and personal break from each other on the set of new music video. Many Rihanna fans seem to think this will be for a song off of ‘ANTI’ that will be serviced to radio sometime in the near future and others think that this will be for Drake’s album, ‘Views From The 6ix’We can’t confirm or deny which album it’ll appear on, but our gut tells us it’ll be on Ri’s just by looking at the casting sheet.

So what will ‘Work’ sound like? A few people who have heard the song (producers, extras, etc.) have revealed that it has a dancehall feel to it and thanks to a few clips from the video shoot we can confirm that sound is in fact true!

To think that we’d see the day that Drake and Rihanna would come together on another track. ‘What’s My Name’ happens to be one of our favorite Rihanna tracks and it seems like they’re bottling some of the magic that made that single a huge hit.

So is this it? Are we finally out of the woods? Is ‘ANTI’ right around the corner? Will ‘Work’ come before the album? Will it be released with #R8? There are still so many questions to be answered about ‘ANTI’, but one thing we know for sure is that the wait is almost over.

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