New Track: Blood Orange & Nelly Furtado – ‘Hadron Collider’

It’s been more than a minute for Nelly Furtado. Ever since the commercial underperformance of ‘The Spirit Indestructible’, home girl has been laying low. Well, it seems like she’s ready to re-emerge from the shadows with a new sound. Much like how she did with Timbaland in 2007, Nelly Furtado has turned to Dev Hynes to craft a new one-off single, ‘Hadron Collider’.

We dig the indie-pop direction for her! Nelly has never been your typical pop girl. Her voice has more color and tones to it than your average pop girl. Let’s not forget her roots in folk-pop either. So to hear her hushed, falsetto vocals on top of some classic, ambient Blood Orange production doesn’t really come off as something jarring. As a matter of fact, it sounds pretty natural.

At times, it does loose shape – specifically around the middle – but this is a collaboration that we would be eager to hear more of. If Nelly is really working on a new album, she’d be pretty foolish not to enlist Dev Hynes to produce a bulk of the set.

Are you feeling Nelly’s new direction?

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