New Track/Video Premiere: Brandy – ‘Beggin And Pleadin’

She’s back with a bit of vengeance and a new sound! Brand has been rather quiet when it comes to her music – focusing more on television and theatre over the past four years. Well, it seems like the tides are starting to change and Brandy is ready to return to R&B with her new song ‘Beggin and Pleadin’.

Playing Roxy Hart seemed to have an affect on Brandy! She’s a bit more bluesy this time around, honing on a jazz influenced sound with some country and dirty south flares to match.

It’s an interesting angle for Brandy to re-launch her musical career with. On the one hand, it’s the least commercial she’s ever been. However on the other hand, it’s most gritty and aggressive she’s ever sounded.

We’re not saying that she should keep riding this sound, but it would be nice to hear this intensity and attack focused into some other new material. For a woman more known for her sweet, smooth vocals, it would be nice to hear her let her hair down a bit more. Something more…brassy maybe.

Watch the music video for ‘Beggin and Pleadin’ below

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