Video Premiere: Ellie Goulding – ‘Army’

Just accept it for what it is, guys. Even though ‘Something In The Way You Move’ is being pushed as Ellie’s next single off of ‘Delirium’, she’s still putting some of her energy into the failed/cancelled single ‘Army’ by releasing a black and white montage music video for the song.

It’s a nice tribute to her best friend, Hannah, and her fans – but girl…focus on what’s important – your current single. Maybe we’re way off base. This could be a UK-only single. Ellie did confirm that this would be her “next single” around the release of ‘Delirium’ and she did perform it a number of times on very high-profile shows. So, explain to us why this never took off and ‘On My Mind’ continued to rise?

Honestly, she should have saved this for later on in the album cycle, but it’s here. What can we do about it besides enjoy it?

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