Parson James Drops ‘A Sinner Like You’ Mini-Documentary, Releases New Song ‘Waiting Game’

It’s a big day for Parson James! The soul-pop singer/songwriter is gearing up to travel North America alongside Kygo on the Cloud Nine Tour and he just finished performing their hit single, ‘Stole The Show’ on Ellen.

Despite all of his success with Kygo, let’s not forget that Parson is a solo artist. Today, the focus shifts back to his solo career thanks to the release of his mini-documentary, ‘A Sinner Like You’.

A Sinner Like You’ places Parson James back in the southern town he came from; speaking about his experiences growing up in such a close-minded atmosphere that helped shape him into the man he’s become today. There’s a bonus for all you Parson James fans at the end of the clip – a brand new song called ‘Waiting Game’.

Parson speaks to i-D magazine about his unreleased track, ‘Waiting Game’.

I wrote the song when I was at one of the lowest points of my life and career. I knew that things could get way worse, but they also could get better. And they did.

Typically, James’ music references a lot of religious elements and his battle with the idea of religion. ‘Waiting Game’ doesn’t stray too far away from that idea, but it’s less obvious this time around. The focus shifts towards Parson, his ability to dig deep into his soul as a songwriter, and the pain he’s experience at one of the lowest points in his life.

We’re not too such what the final version of ‘Waiting Game’ sounds like, but we sincerely hope it doesn’t stray too far away from this acoustic version!

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