First Listen: Dawn – ‘Get It How I Get It’

Dawn Richard has been slowly teasing her new album, ‘Redemptionheart’, for what seems like forever now. With 2016 finally in place, it seems like all things are a go when it comes to the record. A new song is due to drop in a week’s time called ‘Not Above That’ – but today another track rumored to be titled ‘Get It How I Get It’ premiered on Fade to Mind on Rinse FM that gives us a closer look at the sound she’s crafting on ‘Redemptionheart’.

The set’s buzz track, ‘Dance’, took Dawn into a more urban/electronic lane and ‘Get It How I Get It’ builds off of that sound. This time, Richard embraces a heavy trap vibe as she brags about her power and worth. Could this track be a response to a few ex-group mates? While we won’t fully open that door, it does make you think….

With that being said, the aggressive sound is a breath of fresh air from the somber ‘Blackheart’. Are you ‘RED’y for more from Dawn?

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