New Track: Tinashe ft. Juicy J – ‘Energy’

At this point, Tinashe is basically sitting around waiting for her label to give her the green light to begin her ‘Joyride’. Tired of waiting, the superstar has taken matters into her own hands and threw a song from the recording sessions on her SoundCloud today – the Juicy J assisted bedroom jam ‘Energy’.

This wouldn’t be the first time Tinashe has put music on Soundcloud from ‘Joyride’. If you recall, Tinashe more or less leaked ‘Party Favors’ to get the attention of RCA. It’s really a shame, but…what else is a girl to do?

Well, anyway – ‘Energy’ places Tinashe back in between the sheets as she soaks in all the hazy energy and chemistry that her and her lover are generating throughout the night.

Baby, hit me like lightning/Feel my body flowing into me/Gonna feel it inside me/Light me up, you give me energy

As for the production, Mike WiLL Made-It reunites with T after their short collaboration on ‘Aquarius’ – with the pint-sized singer sounding more at home on this sensually hypnotic R&B jam. So for all you concerned about Tinashe embracing more of a “pop” sound on this new record after the release of ‘Player’, ‘Energy’ should reassure you that Tinashe isn’t changing up what she’s known for that much. Just…polishing it in order to really shine bright.


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