Ariana Grande Teases New Song ‘Be Alright’

So, it’s pretty much safe to say that ‘Focus’ was a bust for Ariana Grande. After the quiet underperformance of her latest single, it looks like Ariana went back into the studio to re-think some of the material for ‘Moonlight’. Hey, even the title is up for debate these days.

There’s still no official word on when we’ll hear anything new from Ari, but that doesn’t mean the pop&B princess isn’t keen on sharing some exclusive snippets of her new music on social media. If you recall, Ariana shared a song on Snapchat months ago called ‘Be Alright’.

Apparently, Ariana still can’t contain her excitement for this track because she’s taken to the social platform again to give us all another taste of it.

Could this 90’s leaning, disco-dancin’ banger become her next single? If she was smart, this would be the exact route she would chose to go for her third record. It still manages to push the boundaries of pop and blur its line with R&B while sounding like a natural progression for Ariana.

Is ‘Be Alright’ Ari’s next hit?

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