Why Selena Gomez Should Perform ‘Camouflage’ On Saturday Night Live

Tonight marks another milestone in Selena Gomez’s music career. The ‘Revival’ songstress will take the stage for the first time this evening on Saturday Night Live. To be frank, SNL isn’t the greatest place for most singers. The acoustics are terrible and the mixing is usually off. And let’s not forget to mention that the show’s audience is one of the most critical and less forgiving out there. So, the pressure is on for Selena to deliver the best performance of her career.

Let’s call a spade a spade here, Selena Gomez is no Mariah Carey. She has a very limited vocal range and has even been dubbed as a “whisper chanteuse” by many. Luckily, she’s been on an upswing lately. Bar her disappointing performances from Z100’s Jingle Ball, Selena has nailed some of her other high profile performance, like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the American Music Awards, with ease. Will she totally crash and burn tonight? It’s unlikely, but this performance could make or break her.

How can she really shine? It really comes down to the songs she’s choosing to perform. According to AccessHollywood, Selena will performing three songs on SNL. It’s a no brainer that she’ll perform her soon-to-be worldwide number one hit ‘Hands To Myself’ – but what are her other options? To date, she’s achieved back-to-back top five hits from her latest album with ‘Good For You’ and ‘Same Old Love’. She could strip both singles down and create a medley out of the two hits.

That’s too predictable though. And safe. Everyone knows those songs and to just recycle the same performances again would be lazy. In order to really wow the general public and receive a positive reception for her SNL stint, she should dig deep into ‘Revival’ and pick a song that no one’s heard before. A ballad, for instance. ‘Sober’ could work, but what about ‘Camouflage’?



Saturday Night Live is all about creating moments. For us, performing ‘Camouflage’ would give Selena Gomez her shining moment. This is why…

A) Selena is not known for her ballads.

Selena Gomez has only performed a ballad once in her entire career and that was two years ago at the AMAs with ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’. That performance garnered her some of her best live reviews of her career. It was simple, yet captivating. By taking the magic from that performance and unleashing it again on SNL, it really could elevate Selena in the eyes of the casual listener and prove that she has more to offer than just generic pop.


B) Vocally, the song sits comfortably in her lower register.

Again, Selena is not the greatest vocalist. Sometimes, it seems like her nerves get the best of her and she doesn’t trust her voice. ‘Hands To Myself’ will be a straight up whisper-fest, we’re calling that right now. Selecting this simple piano ballad as her second performance of the night would not only highlight the shades in her range, but show that actually has control over voice and more to offer as a vocalist.

C) Gives her the chance to test the waters for future singles.

It’s been four months since Selena released ‘Revival’ and seven since ‘Good For You’. There’s still a lot of fuel left to burn when it comes to this era and Interscope seems to have placed her as a priority on their roster. Common sense will tell you that ‘Sober’ will most likely become Selena’s fourth single later this spring and ‘Me & The Rhythm’ could act as a fifth single during the summer. After all, Selena is on tour for the better part of this year and more singles can keep her radio power going. Sixth singles are rare and we’re not entirely too sure how ‘Camouflage’ would perform as a single, but it would be interesting to see her push it.

D) Selena has deemed it as one of her favorite from ‘Revival’.




And honestly, the idea of Selena at a piano pouring her heart out would send us into a flurry of emotions. We’re not holding our breath that Selena will chose to perform ‘Camouflage’ tonight. If anything, we can see a medley of ‘Same Old Love’ and ‘Sober’, but odds are she’ll perform all three singles from the album.

Whatever Selena choses to sing tonight, we’re sure it’ll will be great and that she’ll be able to come out of it all relatively unscathed. There’s only a few more hours left until she hits the stage. Are you ready for it?

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