Kanye West Shares The Tracklist For ‘Swish’

Here we go, again. We have another artist claiming they have “the best album of all time”. While it may seem a little bit more on brand for Kanye than most, it’s still a pretty ludicrous (most likely untrue) statement. Despite Kanye’s delusions, ‘SWISH’ is still on track for a February 11th release and Kanye took to Twitter last night to confirm that the album is officially complete by posting the full tracklist.

A little underwhelming, to be honest. As you can see, the album that Kanye has been working on for nearly three-plus years will only contain ten tracks. Quality versus quantity, yes – but something is giving us the feeling that a bulk of this album was literally just put together over the span of a few weeks. Note that ‘Wolves’ and ‘Fade’ from YEEZZY Season 1 and 2 have made the cut as well as G.O.O.D. Friday tracks ‘No More Parties In LA’ and ‘Real Friends’, but none of the other tracks that Kanye has put out last year have (‘Only One’, ‘Awesome’, ‘All Day’, ‘Facts’).  

We’ll all see if Kanye’s ‘SWISH’ is up to par once it drops several weeks from now.


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