New Track: Melanie Martines – ‘Night Mime’

Melanie Martines has been subjected to a handful of leaks over the past few weeks and it looks like they aren’t going to let up anytime soon. Another outtake from ‘Cry Baby’ has popped up online – the straight forward pop ‘Night Mime’.

Interesting. This song has been stripped of anything that has to do with ‘Cry Baby’ and its thematic elements. In fact, it’s the most “mainstream pop” we’ve ever heard Melanie. She’s still writing abstract lyrics and telling this great tale of loneliness…but there’s something so much more captivating about her when she’s playing a role, so to speak. ‘Night Mime’ fails to highlight the uniqueness in her artistic vision and voice – it even goes as far as to placing her next to other emerging indie-pop artists that you couldn’t pick out of a line up.


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