New Single: Rihanna ft. Drake – ‘Work’

Over the past year, ‘ANTI’ quickly earned the title of “most erratic album from a main pop girl”. After many ups and downs, false rumors, and just plain trolling, Rihanna has finally gotten her nearly-derailed era back on track today with the premiere of the album’s latest single ‘Work’ ft. Drake. After multiple delays, is this the song that will finally launch the record? And more importantly, was it worth the wait?

Well, it’s a lot more downtempo than we expected, given the title and the two artists behind it. Luckily, it rides the whole tropical wave that’s currently dominating pop music. And we all know how Rihanna has come out on top with her Barbadian dancehall influences jams. So, it has that going for it.

Does it scream #1 hit? No, it a lot of ways it doesn’t even feel like a full song. There’s absolutely no build, everything is gone in a blink of an eye – but the song’s inaudible hook is one of the catchiest Rihanna has had during the ‘ANTI’ album cycle. It’ll be interesting to see where this song goes…

How do you think ‘Work’ will end up doing?

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