An ‘ANTI’ Leftover Titled ‘Tourist’ Has Surfaced

Way back in the day when ‘ANTI’ was just a figment of our imagination, multiple tracklists were passed around the Internet that were more or less trolling as the days, week, months, and years led up to Rihanna’s eighth release. One track in particular, ‘Tourist’ featuring and produce by Travi$ Scott, remained consistent on every single one of them.

We now know that ‘Tourist’ did not end up on the final version of ‘ANTI’, but a demo with just Travi$ on the track has leaked online (much like everything else that has had to do with ‘ANTI’) and gives us a glimpse at what else Ri was potentially creating during these past eighteen months.

Tourist’ sounds like a distant cousin of ‘Pour It Up’ and could have been a solid follow up to ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’. It keeps that ominous urban-trap vibe that Rihanna began to experiment with on ‘Unapologetic’, but clearly has Travi$’s influence all over it. It’s really easy to place Rihanna’s vocals on this track and imagine her trading bars with Scott back and forth.

Gin and tonic pass that to my buddies/On that lean and soda I’m not no alcoholic/How does that feel/I said it feel great/Come bus and trip and come and be my tourist

Would it have been the most “anti” track ever? No. Would it have performed better than ‘BBHMM’? Who knows. It could have had a strong presence on urban radio, but now we’ll never know.

Here’s to more ‘ANTI’ leftovers leaking that we can quickly replace with the album’s final tracks.

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