New Single: Dev – ‘Lowkey’

Dev! Girl! Where have you been? After releasing her EPs ‘Bittersweet July’ and ‘Bittersweet July Pt. II’ at the end of 2014, the ‘Like A G6′ took a step back from the pop world and back into the studio to create her sophomore album. It seems like all the work is now complete due to the release of her new single, ‘Lowkey’.

On ‘Lowkey’, Dev is just looking for a bestie. A homegirl she can kick it with Paris Hilton’s My New BFF style you know?

I need a girl who’ll keep it lowkey/Who’s down to kick it with the homies/She don’t complain, and we can all sleep/I need a girl who’ll keep it lowkey/And play the macaroni, yeah/And she ain’t worried ’bout the homie/Nah, I need a girl who’ll keep it lowkey

Some of the lyrics are a bit ridiculous and the sound is very different from the sound we’re normally used to from Dev. It’s very atmosphere, very vibey (some may say it’s very “lowkey”). Homegirl is singing in falsetto the entire time. It’s all about creating a specific tone with this song and she pulls it off! We dare you not to have this melody stuck in your head. Completely addicting – 100%.

Are you lowkey loving ‘Lowkey’?

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