New Single/Video Premiere: Zayn Malik – ‘Pillow Talk’

All eyes were on Zayn Malik the minute he left One Direction. What was he to do from here? Lay low or embark on a solo career of his own? We all know by now that Zayn chose the later and that he’s been quietly recording music for the past several months for his debut album. With anticipation at an all time high, it’s time that Zayn showed the world what he’s been working on with his first single, ‘Pillow Talk’ and its music video.

And boy is he making his first step a big one. On top of a hazy rhythmic beat, Zayn sings about exactly what you assumed ‘Pillow Talk’ to be about

So we’ll piss off the neighbors/In a place that fills the tears/The place you face your fears/Reckless¬†behavior/A place that is so pure/So dirty and raw

This entire Zayn movement feels very Justin Timberlake post-Nsync. The sound is completely different, the boy behind the song has grown into a man, and the entire project holds a hell of a lot more substance than anything from the past


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