The Deluxe Edition Of ‘ANTI’ Includes ‘Pose’, ‘Sex With Me’, and ‘Goodnight Gotham’

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, let’s bring you up to speed. Rihanna premiered her new single, ‘Work’, ft. Drake yesterday morning and by nightfall ‘ANTI’ was uploaded to TIDAL, causing a premature leak of Rihanna’s new record. The album is now exclusive to TIDAL with download codes that allow anyone to snag the album for free.

One last thing was revealed during last night’s circus of events – a deluxe edition of ‘ANTI’ is due out on Friday. Following suit like the standard version of the album, the deluxe edition has leaked and it’s almost as infuriating as the thirteen tracks we listened to last night – but for different reasons. Why? It’s because they all embody what we all truly expected from Rihanna with this album and we’re almost sure that this sound was considered for the album at some point.

The deluxe edition of ‘ANTI’ contains three bonus tracks – not the three singles that were released in 2015, but two more interludes, ‘Goodnight Gotham (formally ‘A Night’) and ‘Pose’, and one full song, ‘Sex With Me’.

The good news is all these tracks bring Rihanna back into her pseudo-rapper lane. Think more ‘BBHMM’ than anything on ‘ANTI’.

As most of you know, ‘Goodnight Gotham’ takes a sample from Florence and The Machine’s ‘Only If For A Night’ and puts it on loop for two minutes and twenty seconds without a single sound from Rihanna. So if you’ve heard the clip that plays in Rihanna’s Dior campaign from last year, you’ve already heard this song.

Listen to ‘Goodnight Gotham’ below


Pose’ follows suit in its brevity, clocking it at just under two and a half minutes, but it’s half live instrument production/half ‘Yeezy’-esque production make it the most thrilling offer from this record. It’s silly, really. Rihanna really tries her hand at this “hard” persona and believes that she’s a hardcore trapper for these two minutes. And you know what? It works. This is what ‘ANTI’ should have been about – it’s ridiculous, over the top, and good ol’ pop fun. ‘Ay, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi…’

Listen to ‘Pose’ below


The final bonus track, ‘Sex With Me’ is the only track that can be described as a full-on song. At almost three and a half minutes, Rihanna describes how great one single night as she again channels that aggressive energy that made ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ great.

Sex with me is amazing/Stay up off my Instagram if you feel the temptation/You know I got the sauce/You know I’m saucy/And it’s always wet/A bitch never have to use lipgloss on it

Listen to ‘Sex With Me’ below


Should these have made the cut? Probably. Should these songs have been part of a whole other album that should have been ‘ANTI’. In our opinion, yes. But at least we have these now and can finally close the chapter on this part of Ri’s career.

Do the ‘ANTI’ bonus tracks measure up for you?


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