The Weeknd, Timbaland, Drake, James Fauntleroy, PARTYNEXTDOOR Are Listed As Collaborators On ‘ANTI’

One big thing we still don’t know about Rihanna’s new album, ‘ANTI’, is who Rihanna turned to help create her avant-garde, polarizing body of work. To our surprise, it’s a couple of pop, R&B, and hip-hop regulars who have masked their trademark sound to keep Rihanna create something totally new.

On the production side, Shea Taylor (Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’, Run The World (Girls), ‘Best Thing I Never Had’) is responsible for ‘James Joint’. We all know that Boi 1da created ‘Work’ and that DJ Mustard helmed ‘Needed Me’. A few shocking things about the record: half the production team The-Dream, specifically Kuk Harrell, co-produced almost the entire record including ‘Consideration’, Kiss It Better’, ‘Desperado’, ‘Never Ending’ and ‘Close To You’, Timbaland is attached to ‘Yeah, I Said It’, and Hit-Boy can add ‘Woo’ to his list of credits.

As for the writing, Rihanna’s name is listed as a co-writer on nearly every single song. We consider this a rarity for many Rihanna fans so it’s nice to see Ri take an active role in her record (even if it is the way it is). James Fauntleroy lent a hand to ‘James Joint’, ‘Desperado’, ‘Higher’ and ‘Close To You’. The Weeknd pops up on ‘Woo’. Mick Schultz (from Zendaya ‘Replay’ fame) can also be found on ‘Desperado’. Frank Dukes who has cut songs for Drake, Eminem, Travi$ Scott, Jeremih and more can be found on ‘Needed Me’. Of course, Glass John had a part in crafting ‘Kiss It Better’ – we all know that by now. Brian Kennedy, who helmed ‘Disturbia’, snagged a co-writing credit on ‘Close To You’ and No I.D. (Kanye West’s ‘Heartless’) appears on ‘Higher’ as a writer.

One of the most surprising production credits is that Daniel Jones (Savage Garden’s ‘Truly Madly Deeply’) has joined the ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ team and Timbaland to assist on ‘Yeah, I Said It’. We never pegged Ri as a Savage Garden fan.

The list really goes on and on. Terius Nash from The-Dream appears on ‘Woo’, Jean-Baptiste (Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown,, Travi$ Scott, SZA, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Detail, Jeff Bhasker, and even down to Prince’s keyboardist Monte Moir all appear on ‘ANTI’ in some way.

It’s really interesting to match these credits with these songs. We knew that Ri really went out of her way to create an album that she’s never created before, but the proof really lies within the production credits on how far she reached to really hit that goal.

Check out the full list of production credits for Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ below

  1. “Consideration” (featuring SZA)

Written by: Solana Rowe, Robyn Fenty, Tyran Donaldson

Produced by: Tyran Donaldson Kuk Harrell

  1. “James Joint”

Written by: Robert Shea Taylor, Robyn Fenty, James Fauntleroy

Produced by: Robert Shea Taylor, Kuk Harrell

  1. “Kiss It Better”

Written by: Noel Fisher, Robyn Fenty, John Glass, Jeff Bhasker

Produced by: Kuk Harrell, Jeff Bhasker

  1. “Work” (featuring Drake)

Written by: Matthew Samuels, Rich Stephenson, Aubrey Graham, Rupert Thomas, Robyn Fenty, Jahron Braithwaite, Monte Moir, Allen Ritter

Produced by: Boi 1da

  1. “Desperado”

Written by: Robyn Fenty, Mick Schultz, James Fauntleroy, Krystin “Rook Monroe” Watkins, D. Rachel

Produced by: Mick Schultz, Kuk Harrell

  1. “Woo”

Written by: Terius Nash, Robyn Fenty, Jean Baptist, Jacques Webster, Abel Tesfaye, D. Rachel, Chauncey Hollis

Produced by: Hit-Boy, Kuk Harrell

  1. “Needed Me”

Written by: Dijon McFarlane, Lewis Hughes, Te Warbrick, Adam Feeney, Nick Audino, D. Rachel, Brittany Hazard, Charles Hinshaw, Khaled Rohaim, Robyn Fenty

Produced by: Frank Dukes, Kuk Harrell, DJ Mustard, Twice as Nice

  1. “Yeah, I Said It”

Written by: Jean-Paul Bourelly, Chris Godbey, Robyn Fenty, Badriia “Bibi” Bourelly, Evon Barnes, Daniel Jones, Tim Mosley

Produced by: Timbaland, Kuk, Harrell, Fade Majah, Daniel Jones

  1. “Same “Never Mistake”

Written and Produced by: Kevin Parker

10. “Never Ending”

Written by:  Robyn Fenty, Chad Sabo

Produced by: Kuk Harrell, Chad Sabo

  1. “Love on the Brain”

Written by: Robyn Fenty, Joseph Angel, Fred Ball

Produced by: Fred Ball

  1. “Higher”

Written by: RobynFenty, Ernest Dion Wilson, James Fauntleroy, B. Bourelly

Produced by: Dion “No I.D.” Wilson

  1. “Close to You”

Written by: Brian Kennedy Seals, Robyn Fenty, James Fauntleroy

Produced by: Brian Kennedy, Kuk Harrell

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