Video Premiere: Birdy – ‘Keeping Your Head Up’

Right after the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, Birdy dropped her new single, ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ – an empowerment anthem that quickly earned the title of “first huge pop song of 2016” online. Just a few short weeks later, Birdy has premiered the new singles’s music video; taking us all for a little tour inside the corners of her mind.

The clip begins with Birdy laying in bed, tears in her eyes. The camera zooms in until we enter her the world inside her head and find the songstress exploring all the corridors that lie before her. Along her way, she finds different figments of her imagination that give her the strength to pull out of her slump.

Really interesting concept! Instead of going the typical “inspirational” route, Birdy digs deep in this video to give the song a new meaning. This video could have fell flat, but it took a turn left and found a winning formula to make it work. Tens across the board!

Watch the music video for ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ below

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