New Single: Katy B ft. Kaytranda – ‘Honey’

Katy B has finally been greenlit with a release date, y’all! The English pop singer-songwriter will release her third album, ‘Honey’ on April 29th and she’s got the title track as her new single to get you in the mood until her new record drops!

Earlier this week, Katy premiered the single seemingly out of nowhere alongside the details of her new album. While the new album promises collaborations with Major Lazer, Craig David, and more, we’re all about the new single, ‘Honey’, right now.

Produced by Kaytranda, we haven’t heard a song called ‘Honey’ this good since Mariah Carey’s single from the 90’s. Speaking of the 90’s, ‘Honey’ places Katy B right into 90’s R&B/Hip-Hop territory – a beat that beckons some of the best from some of the most popular rappers from that time.

It’s sensual, it’s gooey, it’s sultry, it’s vibey, and it’ll turn you on quicker than any other pop song out there right now. Two thumbs up for this smooth jam. Katy B is known for mixing up genres and tackling any sound with incredible ease. We’re sure that her record will be another eclectic one, but can you blame us for wanting more jams like ‘Honey’ when they sound this good?

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